My name is Dr Lotte Hargrave and I am the Head of Data Science at Deltapoll and a Honorary Research Fellow at UCL. I completed my PhD in Political Science at the UCL Department of Political Science in October 2022. 

My work at Deltapoll involves managing and fielding surveys for clients, carrying out research into primarily UK politics and public opinion, writing questionnaires, experimental design, delivering quantitative presentations and reports, data analysis, and creating data visualisations of political trackers including voting intention and economic competence. 

I continue my academic research, in which I use innovative quantitative designs to study the role of gender in elite behaviour and public opinion in the UK. Leveraging quantitative text analysis and survey experimental methods, I investigate whether gender stereotypes inform how politicians behave, how this may shift by context and over time, and how stereotypes inform the judgements voters make when they perceive and evaluate politicians' behaviour. 


8 Duncannon Street
London WC2N 4JF
United Kingdom