"Working Hard or Hardly Working?  Gender and Voter Evaluations of Legislator Productivity", with Jessica C. Smith
Political Behavior (Forthcoming, 2023)

"A Double Standard? Gender Bias in Voters' Perceptions of Political Arguments"
British Journal of Political Science (2022)

"No Longer Conforming to Stereotypes? Gender, Political Style, and Parliamentary Debate in the UK", with Jack Blumenau
British Journal of Political Science (2022)

"The Gendered Debate: Do Men and Women Communicate Differently in the House of Commons?", with Tone Langengen
Politics & Gender (2021)

"Marion Fellows" Chapter in The Honourable Ladies: Volume II Profiles of Women MPs 1997–2019. (eds. Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith, 2019)

Under review

Ongoing projects

"Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit: Deliberation in a Polarised Setting", with Alan Renwick, Rebecca McKee and Graham Smith

"Familiar Issues: The Effect of Parenthood on Politicians' Issue Prioritisation"