My name is Dr Lotte Hargrave and I am a Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science in the Department of Politics at the University of Manchester. I am also a Data Science Consultant at Deltapoll and an Honorary Research Fellow at UCL. 

In my research, I use innovative quantitative designs to study what voters want, how politicians act, and the sources and consequences of bias in our political systems. I work primarily on questions relating to gender and stereotyping, political behaviour, political communication, legislative studies, and public opinion. I welcome prospective PhD students interested in any of these areas, so please do feel free to reach out if this sounds like you.

Before joining Manchester, I was the Head of Data Science at the public opinion consultancy Deltapoll. My work at Deltapoll involved managing and fielding surveys for clients, carrying out research into British politics and public opinion, delivering quantitative presentations and reports, and data analysis and visualisations of political trackers including Westminster vote intention, economic competence, and leadership approach ratings. If you are interested in exploring careers outside of the realms of academia, then I am always happy to speak about my experiences. Feel free to send me an email


Department of Politics
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The University of Manchester
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