My name is Lotte Hargrave and I am the Head of Data Science at Deltapoll and have recently submitted my PhD which I have undertaken in the Department of Political Science, University College London (UCL).

In my academic research, I use innovative quantitative designs to study the role of gender in elite and voter political behaviour in the UK. My research agenda focuses on two main themes. The first theme focuses on the behaviour of political elites. In this research, I seek to identify how widely-held gender stereotypes create incentives for the ways in which MPs debate in the UK House of Commons and how these pressures shift by context and over time. I focus on the issues that politicians prioritise when participating in parliamentary debate, and the style in which they deliver these arguments. To address these questions, I work with parliamentary speech data and utilise innovative quantitative text analysis tools. The second theme focuses on the behaviour of voters. In this research, I seek to identify whether gender bias informs the judgements voters make when they perceive and evaluate the behaviour of politicians. To address these questions, I utilise survey experimental methods. You can learn more about my research here.


Ms. Lotte Hargrave
Department of Political Science
University College London
36/38 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PD
United Kingdom